Our Approach

GBC is an outsourcing consulting company focused on Latin American oil and energy business. The corporation is vertically integrated, in the sense that she provides to her clients advice, research, data analysis and interpretation on the fields of upstream, downstream and business environment. The most recently advise and consulting services rendered, provide good examples of works and expertise for GBC.

  • Upstream, Advises on E&P subjects such as Heavy Oil Analyses and Perspectives (upstream –processing—and environment implications) Crude Economics Expertise
    • Develop Price Formulas and blendings to optimize realization per barrel
    • Evaluation competitive technologies for Heavy Oil Business Development
    • Supply/Demand Perspectives for any Latin American Region (Energy/Oil Balances) and any country Gas Balance
  • Downstream, Consults on Refining Topics with on-going frequent and regular monitoring of those subjects like:
    • Simulation Models and Linear Programming applied to Refineries
    • Downstream Business Opportunities in Latin America
    • Oil & Product Marketing Strategies and Analysis of Futures, Options, Forward Market and the like
  • Business Environment, Consulting Services also extend to the Analysis of Socio-Political and Economic-Energy Profiles of the countries of the area through Latin American Directories Study
    • Advice on activities related to Ecology & Hydrocarbon Environmental Impact with studies like: Impact of Biofuel Production in Latin American Rain Forest, Lithium: Resources and policies in Latin America.
    • Specializes in Energy Geopolitics and International Oil Markets addressing subjects like Geopolitical Factors and the Price of Oil, Geopolitics and Gas Price shocks
    • Specializes in Petroleum Business Environment & Strategic Planning developing studies such as:
      • Chinese Investments in Latin American: Oil & Energy
      • Advised Oil Companies on her Mid Term Expansion Plans

Besides oil & energy GBC has also developed along its several years of consulting experience, some managerial type of expertise. That is why GBC could claim that: “Our conceptual Approach is to foster Strategic Thinking…” Through environmental analysis, at GBC “We Assemble Solutions”.