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Alberto Cisneros LavallerCEO / President

Alberto is currently CEO/President of Global Business Consultant (GBC). An attorney by training he is also a professor at the Doctoral Program of the School of Law and Political Science in Central University , Caracas.  He has been Senior Advisor on Geopolitics of Oil at the Planning Coordination of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA).

His primary responsibility in that position was to advise international political matters and their mid- and long-term implications for oil markets. From 1989 until 1992 he was advisor on International Negotiations to the president of  the Republic of  Venezuela.

Dr. Cisneros-Lavaller, who holds a PhD in Political science   and International Relations from the University of North Carolina, began work in the oil industry in 1983, first as Head of International Politics in Corporate Planning at Maraven (a PDVSA affiliate); he has authored numerous articles in specialized journals and a book on “Latin American Conflict and Cooperation”.

He previously served as Director of the Masters in Latin American Integration, at the Institute of Higher Administrative Studies (IESA), in Caracas, Venezuela (1981-1983); Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Illinois, in Urbana Champaign, USA (1984); and Full Professor at the Doctoral level in the Center for Development Studies (CENDES).

Exploration & Production Associate Expert

Expert has worked as a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Instituto Latinoamericano de Investigaciones Sociales (ILDIS). Presented a paper at the World Energy Congress (Rome 2007).
National and international analyst & lecturer and has been invited to the US, Italy, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia and El Salvador to present its works on Reserves, Heavy Crude and Production Planning; Regulatory Matters and Legislation in Oil and Gas.. He teaches in graduate programs at Simón Bolívar and Monteávila universities and, Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA).
He served for 38 years in the Venezuelan oil industry: Ministry of Energy, Shell Company (assigned), Maraven, SA, PDVSA Corporative, and PDVSA Gas, where he held supervisory and managerial positions in the areas of Operations, Reservoir Engineering, Engineering Gas, Planning and Regulatory Issues. He led the teams that drafted the Gaseous Hydrocarbons Law, its Regulations and the creation of the National Board of Gas.
Author of book for teens Venezuelan Oil (2007), co-author of The Natural Gas Industry in Venezuela published by the National Academy of Engineering and Habitat (2009), and the Series Paper Barrels of oil culture. He writes for newspapers, magazines and websites specializing in energy. Member of the Committee on Energy and Environment of the National Academy of Engineering and Habitat Advisory Board of the Venezuelan Association of Gas Processors (AVPG) Association which was its chairman, of the Colegio de Ingenieros de Venezuela (CIV) and the Venezuelan Society of Petroleum Engineers (SVIP). He has been honored with the Order of Merit in Work in First Class.
Petroleum Engineer from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, and the University of Zulia, Venezuela and a graduate of the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA), Caracas. Took courses in Engineering, Economics, and Business Planning in Dallas, New Orleans, The Hague, Oxford and London. Retired in 2001 from PDVSA.

Marketing & RefiningAssociate Expert

Executive that provides consultancy services to banks and oil companies that trade crude and products, both physical and paper barrels. Business Executive with more than 25 years of significant oil trading and supply experience. Value creation through building cross organizational task teams down to the establishment of physical, personnel as well as financial structure. Founder and General Manager of PDVSA Trading office in Houston.

Extensive knowledge of the American supply and trading petroleum scenery.  A sizeable work experience in Europe including Business Manager for the Joint Venture PDVSA-Veba Oel and Operating Manager of PDVSA Bunker retail business in Rotterdam. Fully acquainted with the Latin American and Caribbean oil supply-demand sector.

He was a teacher for several years at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. A chemical engineer holding two MSc. degrees. Advanced Chemical Engineering in Manchester UK and Petrochemical Processes in Venezuela.

Downstream & RefiningAssociate Expert

Chemical Engineer, UCV – LIGHT 1974
He held various technical, professional and management positions in Shell Company of Venezuela , Maraven , Intervention , PDV Europe Headquarters Proesca and PDVSA.
He served as a chemical engineer in developing Shell Company of Venezuela , and then Maraven as an assistant engineer in the Production Chemistry Unit Division of Production Operations in Lagunillas , Edo . Zulia.

Was Planning Analyst and Technical Audits Cardon Refinery , Maraven SA in Punto Fijo, Edo . Falcon, then occupying the office of Mayor Technologist Distillation and Thermal Conversion of the refinery . He was later transferred to the Head Office to integrate the first team Maraven – Lagoven intersonship who performed technical and economic evaluation of interconnection via pipelines of Amuay and Cardon refineries . He was Senior Advisor Investment Plans of Management for New Developments Maraven SA, being successively transferred to Intervention , Manager of Planning and Investment Control , and then for three years PDV Europe office in The Hague , Netherlands , as Operations and Supply Manager . As part of its management development, was appointed Planning Manager of Public Affairs at the corporate level and finally transferred to the subsidiary Proesca ( Special Products CA where he served as Business Manager within the Industrialization Program Intermediate Refinery Streams .

He was professor of Mathematical Analysis V at the Faculty of Engineering, Cabimas Core of the Universidad del Zulia and instructor for four years of the Seminar on ” Industrialization Refinery Streams ” organized by the CIED (International Centre for Education and Development) , a subsidiary PDVSA .
He currently serves as General Coordinator of FONDESIBO (Student Development Fund Simon Bolivar University ) and is a consultant in the area of ​​refining at Global Business Consultants Company .

He is a member of the College of Engineers of Venezuela (CIV 63212 ) , Board member of the Society of Chemical Engineers for the period 1988-1990 Manufacturing Committee ( Refining , Petrochemicals and Improvement ) Orientation Center Energy ( COENER).

Environmental IssuesAssociate Expert

An industrial engineer graduated at the Institut National des Sciences Apliquees, Toulouse, France, in 1975, with a Doctor degree at the same institute in 1982. In 1979 joined the Venezuelan oil industry as Head of the Environmental Research Group INTEVEP, S.A. (PDVSA).
From 1985 to 2001 worked as an environmental advisor at the Corporate Integral Protection Department in PDVSA. From 1989 to 2001 was appointed by PDVSA as a technical advisor of the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to participate in the negotiation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.
He was the technical coordinator of the Venezuelan National Greenhouse Gases Emission Inventory and a Leading Author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage. Currently is an independent environmental consultant and has held various teaching positions at the Environmental Post-Graduate Department of the Central University of Venezuela and Simon Bolívar University.

Gas HydrocarbonsAssociate Expert

Petroleum Engineering , University of Tulsa and University of Zulia , IESA postgraduate. 38 years in the oil industry, where he held management positions in the areas of Reservoir Engineering , Gas Engineering , Planning EyP , Regulatory Affairs and Environment , (in the Ministry of Energy and Mines , Maraven , SA , Petroleos de Venezuela and PDVSA Gas. Assigned to Shell Company of Venezuela ) . Retired in 2001 . Former president of the Venezuelan Gas Processors ( AVPG ) and member of its Advisory Council .

Consultant and lecturer nationally and internationally ( USA, Italy, Argentina , Colombia , Paraguay , Bolivia and Venezuela ) . Write to the newspaper El Universal , and in publications and websites specializing in energy ( PetróleoYV , VenEconomía , Petroleum, Petroleumworld , etc. . ) . Author of Youth ” Venezuelan Oil ,” Monograph for the Latin American Institute of Social Research ( ILDIS ) and trial Venezuela PDVSA Positive Foundation.

Graduate Professor Simon Bolivar Universidad , Monteávila , Cecilio Acosta Catolica and lecturer at the IESA Hydrocarbons Program . Member of the Academic Council of CEDICE and its Center for Energy Studies , of the Energy Commission of the National Academy of Engineering and Habitat of Hydrocarbons Commission Fedecamaras – professor and director of the Institute for Prospective and Forest Strategies.

Petroleum EconomistAssociate Expert

Consultant for the energy industry. In 1988 he joined the Venezuela state oil industry, becoming a member of the corporate planning team at Maraven, one of the former Petróleos de Venezuela affiliates. From 1995 to 2003 he worked at the corporate planning department at the headquarters of Petróleos de Venezuela.

His main areas of work includes macroeconomic analysis of the Venezuelan economy, the formulation of world and Venezuelan energy scenarios and financial evaluation of corporate business plans.

A Mechanical engineer, graduated from Southern Illinois University, in Carbondale, Illinois, USA in 1982. He earned his M. S. in economics from the same university in 1998.

Exploration & ProductionDivision

Currently an Exploration and Production Research Associate at GBC. He is in charge of constantly updating GBC Latin America Exploration and Production Databook.

In his working experience He has been with Schlumberger in an internship program in the artificial lift segment where he performed activities related with installation and removal of electric submersible pumping equipment and downhole sensors CTS. In his thesis, he developed a production optimization plan to PDVSA in Dacion field.

He earned his Petroleum Engineer Degree from Venezuela Central University, Caracas.


Currently a Downstream Research Associate at GBC. She is in charge of updating GBC Latin America Refining Databook.

In her working experience She has been with INTEVEP in an internship program where she developed the determination of organic and inorganic bases formulae with possible application in EOR. In her professional endeavor she has been a Petroleum Engineer- Project Manager.

She is also instructor at the Instituto Universitario Tecnológico Antonio Ricaurte (IUTAR)
She earned her Petroleum Engineer Degree from Venezuela Central University, Caracas.

New Business DevelopmentDivision

The Associate is currently in charge of new business development at GBC.

In his working experience he has worked as Financial Advisor auditing State Companies. He also worked as a budget analyst in CANTV developing financial experience.

He has an Economics Degree from Universidad Nacional Experimental de la Fuerza Armada Bolivariana (UNEFA) Caracas.

He is also Professor of Economics and Budget at Universidad Nacional Experimental de la Fuerza Armada Bolivariana (UNEFA).


Nereyda QuevedoGlobal Business Consultants

Nereyda holds a large experience in Downstream Operations and Refining Process for Latin American countries.

Prior to join GBC she worked eight years in the Venezuelan State Oil Company, at the research branch of PDVSA. In Intevep, she developped refining models for regional crudes as well as refining planning programs. She is also skilled in operational processes as well as a PIMS software for models and simulations in refineries

Nereyda joined GBC in 2006 where she currently in charge of analysis of downstream operations for Latin American countries with special focus in the crude benchmarking as well as the economics analysis in Downstream.

She earns inn 1996 a Chemical Engineer Degree from Universidad de los Andes as well a Specialization Degree in International Oil Trading from Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Antero AlvaradoGlobal Business Consultants

Antero is currently in charge of new business development at GBC. He is also a consultant in Oil, Gas and Power in Latin-America with special focus in Venezuela.

Prior to GBC he worked as Energy researcher at the Center for Energy at IESA in Caracas and as independent Energy consultant. He also worked as Analyst at the office of Energy and Commodities of Reuters in Paris and London .

Antero studied Business Administration and Energy Politics in Barquisimeto and Caracas, and holds a Master’s Degree in Energy Economics from “Institute Français du Pétrole” and Comissariat a l’Energie Atomique in Paris. In addition, he is fluent in English, French, German, and Portuguese.

Leonardo FratipietroGlobal Business Consultants

Universidad Nacional Experimental de la Fuerza Armada Bolivariana (UNEFA). September 2009 – Present. Title: Magíster Heavy Crude Oil Extraction
Universidad Central de Venezuela. July 2008. Title: Petroleum Enginnering
January 2009 – July 2009. “Advanced Reservoir Engineering” Curse, dictated by Total – UCV. Length 75 hrs.
0ctober 2006. Investigation Journeys of UCV Faculty of Engineering JIFI 2006 and Academic-Industry Meeting
November 2005. Conferences Week in 30 years Commemoration of UCV Faculty of Engineering Petroleum School
August 1998 – July 1999. Centro Americano Venezolano (CVA) English Curse. Level 18/24. Length 100 hrs. aprox
Advanced Knowledge of Petroleum and Gas wells production simulation programs (PipeSim 2003 and 2006). Medium Knowledge of Data Base programs Oil Field Manager (OFM, Centinela).
Medium Knowledge of Reservoirs simulation programs (Eclipse 100, CMG). Advanced Knowledge of Office applications (Word, Excel, Power Point).
Advanced Knowledge of Gas Condensate Reservoir Behavior. Advanced Knowledge of Gas Condensate Reservoir Production Optimization Process.
Apprenticeship Capability, Team Work, adaptability to new situations, persevering, proactive, optimum trouble solver.
Spanish (Native Language).
English (Written: 90% – Listening: 80% – Spoken: 80%).
Italian (Written: 50% – Listening: 70% – Spoken: 50%).
June 2009 – Present. Exploration & Production Research Associate. Making the “GBC Latin American E&P DataBook”. GBC Global Business Consultants. Caracas.
September 2008 – Present. Universitary Teacher of Anayítical Geometry, Chemistry and Operations Research. UNEFA. Caracas.
August 2007 – January 2008. Development of thesis in PDVSA Gas Anaco – MENPET. 6 months. Ad Hoc Working Grade Title: “New Technologies Applicability Study to the Solution of Productivity
Gas Condensated Anaco’s Well Problems”, helped by using well production simulators as PipeSim 2.003 to determine applicability of some studied technologies, using production data obtained from OFM and Centinela 2.000 data base. Anaco.
Leonardo De Martino. Accounting. +58 414-4346884
Ronald Pinto. Petroleum Engineer. +58 426-5166238.