Organizational climate

Organizational climate – Social management

The key objective is to strengthen the development of corporate personnel and the social management of its business environment in order to improve internally the organizational climate and externally the relations with the communities where the Corporation interact with.
That intercession addresses: (a) Directors, workers, service companies and corporate clients as well as (b) Communities located on the operative environment of the Corporation.

Internal Intercession (a) relates to re-discover Hydrocarbon corporate strengths and those of their personnel teams in all dimensions. Therefore, promotes social well-being at work, generates “emotional wages”, and stresses the sense of belonging and a proactive relationship with the corporation enhancing working efficiency. To accomplish those goals it occurs to new methodologies of Modern and trans-personal Psychology and Endo-Marketing Strategies.

Within the Corporation it is developed and strengthened competences and intercession methods for corporate social management follow up.

External Intercession (b) is based on promoting good social and environmental practices on the communities where the Corporation interact with. In turn, this contributes to improve the Corporate Reputational index what helps to enhance those hydrocarbon operations confronting social conflicts due to lack of adequate information and wrong perceptions among other factors.

There are a number of methodologies and sensitizing processes that furnish feedback regarding communities’ covert objectives and helps identify proactive leaderships and agents for change within the community as potential corporate allies.

To accomplish all these goals, GBC has a strong group of international/domestic renowned Psychologists specialized on Hydrocarbon Corporate Coaching.