Downstream & Refining Associate Expert

Chemical Engineer, UCV – LIGHT 1974
He held various technical, professional and management positions in Shell Company of Venezuela , Maraven , Intervention , PDV Europe Headquarters Proesca and PDVSA.
He served as a chemical engineer in developing Shell Company of Venezuela , and then Maraven as an assistant engineer in the Production Chemistry Unit Division of Production Operations in Lagunillas , Edo . Zulia.

Was Planning Analyst and Technical Audits Cardon Refinery , Maraven SA in Punto Fijo, Edo . Falcon, then occupying the office of Mayor Technologist Distillation and Thermal Conversion of the refinery . He was later transferred to the Head Office to integrate the first team Maraven – Lagoven intersonship who performed technical and economic evaluation of interconnection via pipelines of Amuay and Cardon refineries . He was Senior Advisor Investment Plans of Management for New Developments Maraven SA, being successively transferred to Intervention , Manager of Planning and Investment Control , and then for three years PDV Europe office in The Hague , Netherlands , as Operations and Supply Manager . As part of its management development, was appointed Planning Manager of Public Affairs at the corporate level and finally transferred to the subsidiary Proesca ( Special Products CA where he served as Business Manager within the Industrialization Program Intermediate Refinery Streams .

He was professor of Mathematical Analysis V at the Faculty of Engineering, Cabimas Core of the Universidad del Zulia and instructor for four years of the Seminar on ” Industrialization Refinery Streams ” organized by the CIED (International Centre for Education and Development) , a subsidiary PDVSA .
He currently serves as General Coordinator of FONDESIBO (Student Development Fund Simon Bolivar University ) and is a consultant in the area of ​​refining at Global Business Consultants Company .

He is a member of the College of Engineers of Venezuela (CIV 63212 ) , Board member of the Society of Chemical Engineers for the period 1988-1990 Manufacturing Committee ( Refining , Petrochemicals and Improvement ) Orientation Center Energy ( COENER).