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Offers accurate strategic analysis of the oil and gas industries in Latin America, from an insider’s perspective, using some of the best talent that this industry has to offer
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What We Do

Our expertise lies, in general, on the design, development and implementation of business strategies. We offer accurate strategic analysis of the oil and gas industries in Latin America. We are based in Latin America, but we are not limited to this geographic area. Specifically, our highly adaptative capacity is tailored to our customers needs


Our Approach

Our conceptual Approach is to foster strategic thinking.
Through environmental analysis, domestic as well as international, we are able to design Scenario Building and through Scenario Planning, to provide better Decision Making



Specifically, our highly adaptive capacity is tailored to our customer’s needs, with personal attention by visiting their offices and by establishing open and direct dialogue between our staff and theirs. We pledge to work with our clients in order to give them the best strategic advice and to enhance business analysis


Global Business Consultants was established in 1997 by Dr. Alberto Cisneros Lavaller and other professionals. GBC`s operations and its senior associates are backed by a network of consultants that include several specialists, experts in key areas of business in the oil and gas sectors


“To be recognized as a Specialized Consulting Company on the realms of Latin American Oil and Gas. Vertically integrated to Advise on E&P, Downstream and Corporate Environment
To provide Strategic Thinking support to her clients for better decision making allowing to preserve and improve their corporate assets“


Within our general corporate strategy services, GBC is also a highly specialized consulting firm focused on specific service areas

Energy and Oil

Up/Mid adn Down Stream

Business Enviroment & Ecology

Social Reponsibility


General Management




GBC has organized and participated in different audiences of the oil & gas industry with keynote talks on innovative topics in Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and USA

Main office:

Avda.San Juan Bosco Sur, Edif. Dumas
Piso 7 Of. 38, Altamira Sur
Caracas – Venezuela



(58) (212) 267 – 1687




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    Our Locations

    Avda. Sur de Altamira
    Edif. Dumas, piso 7, ofic 38
    Urb. Altamira Sur
    Caracas –Venezuela
    COP 1010
    +58 212 2671687

    Ayacucho 1165
    Piso 6 "D"
    COP 1111
    Buenos Aires - Argentina

    +54 911 2894-9956

    GBC is headquartered in Caracas; it has a branch in Buenos Aires and a staff of talented associated professionals in Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Miami, Los Angeles and Houston, that has allowed it to develop a trajectory of more than 20 years of experience in energy consulting, especially in the field of oil and gas in Latin America